What does sourceMLS do for Vendors?

As a manager of a website that displays real estate information, you’re already aware of the value of quality data. Typically the closer you get to the MLS (source data) the better that data is. In today’s environment, this fact isn’t limited to the vendor community.

More and more consumers are becoming educated on the value of MLS data and sites that provide access to it. By displaying the sourceMLS badge, you announce to your users two key messages: 1) That you have placed an emphasis on providing the highest-quality data and 2) That you have a relationship with the MLS; a trusted, reliable source data provider of Real Listings.

How can my website display the sourceMLS™ badge?

In order for a website or listing to be granted permission to use the sourceMLS™ badge, they must meet the following criteria:

  • All data displayed pertaining to the listing must come directly from the MLS
  • The listing database must be updated from the MLS at least every twenty-four (24) hours
  • The source of the MLS listing data must be identified
  • The date/time the listing database was last updated must be displayed
  • Data displayed may not be modified by the publisher
  • No MLS listing data may be reused or repurposed

Great, now what?

Please refer to the sourceMLS FAQ and sourceMLS Implementation Guide to begin the process of becoming a sourceMLS vendor partner. For additional questions, please contact sourceMLS technical advisor, Chris Lambreau at the Midwest Real Estate Data.